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Now Available - "The Adventures of Grammy and Sammy"
grammyandsammy150Samantha Washington, better known as, Sammy to her family, has a wonderful relationship with her grandmother.   Her family consists of her father, Captain Russell Washington; her mother, Bridget Washington; and her brother, Russell Jr., whose nickname is Rusty.  Captain Washington is in the military and stationed at Fort Rucker, Alabama, but he’ll soon receive military orders to report to Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The Adventures of Grammy and Sammy chronicles some of the fun things they do together, but there are also lessons to be learned, as we follow them on their different adventures.   Grammy and Sammy’s adventures show the love between two people—one very young and the other much, much older.  Wisdom is what Grammy passes down to Sammy in many teachable moments.  Pure love and an inquisitive, quirky sense of a young girl growing up in today’s society is what Grammy receives in return.

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cover_hollywoodskyeWhen a young woman seeking fame and fortune falls into a con artist's trap, she learns what Hollywood is really all about…and what really matters most.

Skye Taylor is a naïve, attractive nineteen-year-old, who wants to get as far away from her small Kansas hometown as possible. She coerces a soldier from a nearby army base to marry her, but soon finds out that she’s in a marriage from hell. With very little money, Skye leaves her husband and sets off for Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Read a Review

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"Suzetta Perkins is a writer that can make a man feel right at home reading her fiction about 50-something year old women. Her story telling of women we all know in life who are living and enjoying life, might be 50 is the new 35. The women are sexy not only in looks, but also mentally confident in many ways. The demographic is sexy and classy and any man would like to have a chance to meet the characters.In many ways, Silver Bullets allowed me a man, to see into a world beyond the surface of the demographic that Suzetta Perkins wrote about in the book. I read the breaking down of the surface and stereotypical assumptions when you don't know afemale person(s) life Silver Bullets is great read, that is funny, smart, and well-written sexy conversations for a group that in these days and times is front and center and important in the world. Silver Bullets is a good book for all to read.Alvin L. A. Horn the author of the novels One Safe Place and Perfect Circle Romantic Blues Publishing (Consignment)

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 Suzetta recently was featured LIVE on the Off the Pages Podcast with co-hosts Latricia Smith & Jackie Thomas. Listen as Suzetta discusses her new book "Deja Vu"and talks about her career as an author.