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Available now - Free to Love
cover_freetolove Brenda is a widow and may have AIDS that she possibly contracted from her late husband, Victor. However, Brenda's son, Trevor, who is in jail for killing his father. And there’s Mimi, Brenda’s best friend, who’d been raped by Victor that produced a daughter who looks very much like Brenda & Victor’s daughter, Asia. Will waiting for the results of Brenda’s test allow her to be free to move forward with her life or will she allow the knowledge that one of Victor’s lovers has died from AIDS take her to the brink of no return? Will Trevor’s incarceration further wear on her mental state? Will Mimi be free of her past when she realizes the music industry comes with expectations she’s not willing to accept?

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Now Available - "Two Down"
2down“Intrigue and Suspense” The handsome, soon-to-be Brigadier General Reginald Charleston is in a romantic liaison with Major General Kaleah Neal, the sexy seductress who is all out to capture Reggie for herself, never mind that Reggie has been married to Persenia Charleston for the past 18 years. The President of the United States, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Reggie and other generals are fighting a worldwide enemy, ISIS, however, Reggie has missed the clues that the enemy might be right under his nose. When next-door-neighbor, Major General Forbes is gunned down, the second such killing of an Army general in days, Reggie wonders if he'll be next.

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What the Readers are Saying

"I purchased "Betrayed" on kindle some time ago, but just got an opportunity to read it. IT IS A FANTASTIC NOVEL. You did a great job. And I didn't see the end coming with Trevor (sad) or Shelia (great news). There is definitely a spin off book for Trevor (LOL). I will spread the word about Betrayed at all of the book club signings we have. Most of the ladies are looking for great books to read. I will also post a review on Amazon. Again, what a wonderful read. I'm sure you will have much success with the book.Yolanda

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