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2down“Intrigue and Suspense” The handsome, soon-to-be Brigadier General Reginald Charleston is in a romantic liaison with Major General Kaleah Neal, the sexy seductress who is all out to capture Reggie for herself, never mind that Reggie has been married to Persenia Charleston for the past 18 years. The President of the United States, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Reggie and other generals are fighting a worldwide enemy, ISIS, however, Reggie has missed the clues that the enemy might be right under his nose. When next-door-neighbor, Major General Forbes is gunned down, the second such killing of an Army general in days, Reggie wonders if he'll be next.

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cover_hollywoodskyeWhen a young woman seeking fame and fortune falls into a con artist's trap, she learns what Hollywood is really all about…and what really matters most.

Skye Taylor is a naïve, attractive nineteen-year-old, who wants to get as far away from her small Kansas hometown as possible. She coerces a soldier from a nearby army base to marry her, but soon finds out that she’s in a marriage from hell. With very little money, Skye leaves her husband and sets off for Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Read a Review

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January 13-18, 2018 - Bahamas
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What the Readers are Saying

"Ms Perkins does not disappoint, because the women of the Ex-Files bicker about everything. Each is very opinionated and not afraid to tell what they think of each others actions. Through all the bickering, they remain very close friends. Apologies are made and accepted, then they move on. When needed, these women will drop everything to support each other during trying times. As the Ex-Files expands, some new members are welcomed with open arms and others force their way in, but they all get what they come for and that is support and friendships. Reading how the group comes togerher to support each other in their darkest moments will remind you that there is some good in everyone. Prayer, love and understanding can be just what the doctor ordered. Jeanette APOOO BookClub

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